Aerial Equipmemt

Having the correct equipment for the job is key

Specializing in aerial photography, it’s imperative to have some of the top machines on the market. Here at HiTech Imagery, we strive to keep up with the latest and best that the market has to offer. We use DJI to provide reliability and quality results every time.

DJI Latest Mapping Machine | Mavic 3 Enterprise

A new leader in the aerial mapping industry is here! Not since the Phantom 4 Pro has DJI released a more compact UAV that provides consumers with the ability to map with a global mechanical shutter with the speed and accuracy of the Mavic 3 Enterprise. HiTech Imagery utilizes this fantastic UAV to provide the highest quality images with a 4/3” 20MP sensor to produce Hi-Resolution orthomosaics with speed never seen before. Additionally, when you couple the 8x (56x hybrid zoom) this piece of equipment is your one stop shop for inspection services with the ability to stay far from danger but also provide the highest quality image in the time of need.

The OG in the mapping industry is still ruling the skies. The Phantom 4 Pro V2.0 captures 20MP still images using the coveted 1”sensor with Mechanical Shutter allowing true square frame images with less distortion at cruising speeds. While this UAV is slower than the new Mavic 3 Enterprise it’s hard to replace reliability in the skies.

The new king of the skies has arrived…

The newest flagship aerial drone by DJI is an engineering marvel. Listed as the Mavic 3 Pro, it is packed with features that will keep professionals in the sky longer all while making our lives easier. Featuring a 20 MP Hasselblad sensor and dual tele zoom lenses, there’s nothing in the sky that can’t be captured. Whether you need marketing images or inspection images, video for a commercial or tv show, this drone helps produce all the content we need to help you.

Emlid Reach RS2

In todays age, accuracy is very important when planning, building, and referencing projects. To ensure HiTech Imagery produces the most accurate results, we use the Emlid Reach RS2 receiver in the field. When we connect to the Magic 3 Enterprise we can say with confidence that it will provide all of us the same precise results every time.